What’s a smart portal?

Increased compliance, with ease of access.

We’ve recently been looking back at the journey we’ve been on with psiXchange and wanted to explore one of our latest features which has been added after listening to our growing customer base and is set to change how sites interact with and access your critical data.

When psiXchange was originally being designed, our customers were very clear that the system needed to be flexible to manage different business processes, it had to be fully automated, and, vitally, it must be accepted by all recipients.

In short, they said, “It can’t be a portal or like a portal”.

The problems with portals – where by nature they have a fixed structure and limited flexibility – that we have heard again and again from different prospects is that they require manual efforts (to create different study spaces, to place documents in the right place, to manage user accounts, etc.) and that many recipients, including some sites and ECs, won’t work with them as they require training and extra manual efforts at the site, combined with the pain associated with remembering user names and passwords.

However, at the time there was no other solution, meaning that many companies were, and still are, using a mixture of completely manual efforts and portals (where possible) leading to a lack of oversight – and varied and uncontrolled compliance tracking.

With the first release of psiXchange, we changed the approach to document delivery and worked back from there.  We wanted the sites to have an easy way to access the documents that were sent to them, and for this to be immediately visible to the sponsor.  This gave the system acceptance needed and provided oversight of key metrics in real time. We did this using our secure link technology.  We also automated the entire distribution process, while at the same time eliminating the need for costly setup for each new study.  So, this has removed most manual efforts, reduced costs significantly, and increased compliance for the 1000s of documents that psiXchange is now distributing for leading CROs and pharmaceutical customers.

As part of our continual review process with customers, and from listening to prospects, we keep having the following conversation.

“We love the automation, we love the real-time feedback, and the sites are much more compliant now – but can they have a way to access all the documents that were ever sent to them in a single place?”.

So, like a portal?

“Yes, but without all the problems that come with a portal”.

So, in direct response to this we have added “Safety Central” to the psiXchange roadmap.

Safety Central now allows sites to review all documents in a single place, and to download these as needed.  Crucially though, the core distribution technology remains the same, meaning there are no manual efforts needed internally to upload documents to a specific location on a study by study basis. And, thanks to our two-factor authentication for improved security, this is all done without the overhead of sites needing usernames and passwords.  So, the system acceptance remains high, and no internal administration efforts are added back to your workload.

This is the first smart portal, and it’s going to change how companies manage their document distribution processes.