SUSAR Distribution

Automating the distribution of critical safety documents, according to any business processes, is currently the primary way that companies are using psiXchange. The application allows for SUSARs, and other safety documents, to be sent in from any external system and then automatically dispatched out to sites, ECs and others, together with full tracking and a detailed audit trail.

We connect with existing data sources, like Oracle Argus, ArisGlobal, IMPACT, Siebel Clinical, Veeva Vault etc. and accept documents in any format e.g. XML, PDF, XLS. With psiXchange, you’ll be able to overcome many traditional (manual) obstacles, and track progress in real time. As a result, your organization will be in a position to proactively manage receipt acknowledgements and oversee distribution from a user-friendly dashboard. Read our SUSAR Distribution use case.

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Clinical Study Startup

This complex and time consuming task requires, amongst other key activities, the exchange of numerous documents, often in different tanguages, and the tracking of timely receipt and actions for these. psiXchange allows for control to be brought to this process, with full automation and oversight built in.

Data Reconciliation

psiXchange provides you with much more than just document distribution capabilities. Because it uses stable data relations, it can help you validate data across multiple sources and provide you with a concise report on the integrity of the data across these sources. Use this feature to quickly identify discrepancies between sources and to understand which corrections may have to be applied.


Distribution of documents through portals is only one method of making documents available. psiXchange enables you to integrate the distribution process with its smart business process handling based on stable data relations. Where an investment into portal technology already has been made, it complements and integrates with the portal, minimizing the often tedious definition of distribution rules for the portal. Where a portal is not available, psiXchange provides its proven psiTransfer technology to enable a self-provisioning process.