Automating SUSAR Distribution

Companies in the Life Sciences domain, regardless of whether they do business on a global or regional scale, continuously face many reporting obligations, a very prominent example being reporting on adverse drug reactions or adverse events (SUSARs).

Whether the data originates from marketed drugs or from clinical studies, a process needs to be executed that delivers the documents to a variety of recipients within a predefined time frame, using predefined methods of delivery and required formats.

All this must take into account the relevant global, regional or local regulations as well as internal business requirements relevant for each recipient.

Small mistakes with SUSAR distribution can often lead to large consequences. That’s why companies and regulators alike can get nervous when key processes have multiple steps that require constant manual intervention. Automation means that the process is transparent and controlled.

We have produced a detailed whitepaper demonstrating the benefits of automating SUSAR distribution, download it free of charge below:

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