How automation is uncovering hidden insights

One of the things that I love about working with the development team that we have here is learning about the smart ways they are partnering with our customers to use our software in innovative ways.  I thought that it might be interesting to share a recent example of this.


psiXchange has already transformed the way our customers (CRO and pharma) are delivering critical documents to a diverse group of recipients. The simple connection with existing systems, and the entirely automated approach, has driven cost savings, delivered efficiency gains and dramatically reduced costs.


What’s also useful though is looking at the large sets of data that are created as these customers send 1000s of SUSARs (and other documents) to 1000s of recipients (sites, ECs, IRBs, CAs etc.)


Using these data sets to deliver additional benefits, what is fashionably known as “actionable insights”, is great to see in practice.  The unique delivery method that we use for our documents allows for very precise tracking of which recipients did what and when. By drilling into this data it’s possible to see if particular countries, sites, users or studies are falling short of expectations with regards to their obligations.

This means that our customers not only have complete oversight on compliance but can additionally use the information to consider if targeted training is needed for certain groups and perhaps even assess whether wider issues exist at the site that lead to more general risks.

It seems that every article in the pharma world in the last 12 months had to include a reference somewhere to automation, big data, actionable insights and risk-based monitoring. Being able to use these terms in a real-world example, where we see the benefits it brings to our customers and how it drives further efficiency gains and process improvement is testament again to the great work that our team is doing.

What I haven’t managed to squeeze in here is anything about the latest hot topic, Natural Language Processing. However, we are currently working with a customer on this too, so look out for more news on that soon.

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss how automated document distribution can deliver unforeseen and vital benefits.