Minimise the potential for human error
As system management with psiXchange is kept to a minimum you minimise the potential for human error. Once you’ve defined the business process using stable data relationships the human element is removed, leaving you free to monitor the status from our easy to use central dashboard.


Increased compliance through automation
Small mistakes often lead to big consequences. That’s why companies and regulators alike can get nervous when key processes have multiple steps that require constant manual intervention. Automation with psiXchange means that the process is transparent and controlled.


Moving faster and smarter
The automation support psiXchange delivers helps organizations to move faster in their decision-making and at a strategic level by making data readily available.


Clear oversight of your processes
In psiXchange you can maintain a single view of all the distinct actions and rates of progress behind each specific process. The easy to use dashboard means that you experience faster and more informed decision-making.


Assured repeatability
Implement powerful business logic with psiXchange to give you complete certainty of outcome - Stable data relations drive your process, but they don’t change it or lead to complex re-configuration.


Proactive management
Be prepared for alternative paths in your processes, identify and control the causes of disruption for consistent performance.


Easily work with existing data
psiXchange connects to your different data sources by consuming existing data as is and establishing stable data relations. It does this with a minimal technology and process footprint that uses the power of the data relations to drive process execution.


Manage unlimited processes
psiXchange is built with a flexible data model allowing you to build any business process. You define the stable data relations between your data and tell psiXchange what you want it to do based on these relations. So, you can use psiXchange for anything you want, including document distribution, data validation and data reconciliation.


Greater compliance, with a complete audit trail
psiXchange significantly reduces the operational costs associated with producing full audit trails and compliance documentation. For regulated industries, this “must have” brings complete reassurance.