psiXchange - The Dynamic Data Hub




  • is available, but often from multiple, disconnected sources
  • can be partially duplicated
  • is heterogenous


  • is information put into relation and structure
  • links information to a purpose
  • is usually in the heads of people and not well documented


  • can be taken on documented knowledge consistently
  • relies on stable data relations
  • provides efficiency through automation


  • is executed through audit-trailing and monitoring
  • delivers certainty on continued flawless execution
  • comes with minimal overhead
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Minimise the potentialfor human error

As system management with psiXchange is kept to a minimum you minimise the potential for human error. Once you’ve defined the business process using stable data relationships the human element is removed, leaving you free to monitor the status from our easy to use central dashboard.

Increased compliance through automation

Small mistakes often lead to big consequences. That’s why companies and regulators alike can get nervous when key processes have multiple steps that require constant manual intervention. Automation with psiXchange means that the process is transparent and controlled.

Moving fasterand smarter

The automation support psiXchange delivers helps organizations to move faster in their decision-making and at a strategic level by making data readily available.

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